Trump’s gotta go

There have just been too many lies lately to catch up on.

The one thing that has held me back with regards to wanting Trump removed from office is Pence. Trump is a wildcard. And Republicans have been largely unable to unite while he is tweeting craziness and so far we’ve been able to avoid really bad things like full repeal of the ACA. And Trump says he won’t go along with touching Medicare or Social Security.

Pence would be full on board with severely right-wing agenda and probably facilitate pushing through changes like that. And he’s anti-gay, which Trump really isn’t.

So I’ve been holding back.

But I think we are at the point where the U.S. and even world stability is at risk and Trump’s gotta go – and we’ll just have to live with Pence and the GOP in charge. It won’t be nice – but it won’t be insanely dangerous either. It will be typically GOP/conservative, and at least we know we can survive that and not wake up to lunatic headlines every morning.

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