Trump claims his State of the Union speech ratings were the highest in history – they were not

On Thursday morning Trump lied and said the 45.6 million people who watched Tuesday’s State of the Union was “the highest number in history.”

That’s not true.

“45.6 million people watched,” he said, which is what the ratings company Nielsen announced on Wednesday. But several State of the Union addresses in the past were higher-rated, including Barack Obama’s first address in 2010, which had 48 million viewers.

The 6 highest ever were (1) Bush in 2003 (62 million), (2) Clinton in 1998 (53 million), (3) Bush in 2002 (51.7 million), (4) Obama in 2010 (48 million), (5) Clinton in 1994 (45.8) million and finally (6) Trump in 2018 (45.6 million).


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