Trump lies and says that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have sent humans to Mars

On March 13, 2018, Trump signed a directive calling on NASA to return to the moon and to boldly go where no man has gone before.

He couldn’t resist adding a daily lie to the moment claiming, “This would not be happening if Hillary Clinton was president, You wouldn’t even be thinking about it.”

Washington Post Fact Checker  Meg Kelly unearthed a video clip showing that Clinton has been talking about getting humans on Mars since at least 1999. As first lady, Clinton helped launch the “Mars Millennium Project,” an educational campaign “to imagine a new life on the red planet.”

In a 1999 speech to the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Clinton said this project was “challenging schoolchildren around the nation in conjunction with NASA to design a community that they would want to live on the planet Mars in the year 2030.”

During the 2016 race, Clinton’s campaign submitted written responses to questions about space travel from She said one of her goals would have been to “advance our ability to make human exploration of Mars a reality.” (In response to the same questions, “Trump did not formally support a human Mars exploration program or other specific initiatives,” Space News noted.)

Clinton even visited a factory in Michigan making parts and tooling for the Space Launch System. That’s the rocket for the Orion spaceship NASA is building for the Mars voyage and other deep-space destinations. “I got to see what’s happening here to help build the SLS rocket that is going to go from Macomb to Mars,” Clinton said in August 2016.

The White House did not respond to the Washington Post’s request for comment. I guess they are thinking of “alternate facts” to spin.

Trump repeatedly lies about trade deficit with Canada – and even brags about lying

This story has grown to be more than the regular Trump lies we see on a daily basis.

On Thursday, Trump repeated his false claim that the United States runs a trade deficit with Canada. This was the morning after privately telling Republican donors that he had deliberately insisted on that claim in a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada even without knowing whether it was true or not.

Trump’s private admission to having a loose grasp of the facts and his public refusal to back down from the lie — the United States has an overall surplus in trade with Canada — were vivid illustrations of the president’s cavalier attitude about the truth, and a reminder of how that approach has taken hold at the White House.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said Trump had chosen his figures “selectively” in the conversation with Trudeau.

She also acknowledged that Trump had fabricated an anecdote he told the donors about unfair trading practices — Japanese officials, he claimed, conduct a test on American cars by dropping a bowling ball on their hoods from 20 feet high, and those that dent are barred from being imported. That is completely not true.

Marc Garneau, who is the chairman of the Canada-U.S. relations committee in Trudeau’s cabinet, rejected on Thursday the president’s deficit claim.

“At this point, it’s very important to point out that there is over $2 billion a day of trade between our two countries and over all annually the United States has a small surplus with Canada,” Mr. Garneau told reporters in Montreal.

The president’s reported remarks dominated the news in Canada on Thursday morning and were greeted with bafflement.

“It is scary, as his lying has become the new normal,” said Cory Whiteduck, 35, a radio host and cigarette seller in Kitigan Zibi reserve, near Maniwaki, Quebec, about 85 miles north of Ottawa. “Normally, it would raise red flags, and a politician would be in trouble. It is not a productive way of doing things or a good mentality.”

Bruce A. Heyman, the United States ambassador to Canada under President Barack Obama, said that Mr. Trump’s approach was “creating a crisis where none existed before.”

“Lying to your friends only hurts the relationship,” Mr. Heyman wrote on Twitter. “Canada has been there for us thru thick and thin. How can you just casually damage this realtionship?”

Trump caves to NRA and breaks promise to enforce more gun control

Fox News host Shepard Smith called out Donald Trump on Monday for backpedaling on his vow to reform gun control.

After publicly stating earlier this month that the National Rifle Association had little power over him, Trump tweeted Monday that the White House would support NRA-approved gun control measures instead.

“The president told the kids at Parkland, ‘I’ll go strong on this, I’ll work on this age thing,’” Smith said. “He came up to the general public and said to the Congress, ‘Oh, the NRA has a lot of pressure on you, has a lot of effect on you, but not on me so much.’ And then he met with the NRA.”

After the Florida high school massacre last month, Trump explicitly called on live television for raising the age limit to purchase rifles and backed 2013 legislation for near-universal background checks. He later told lawmakers that while the N.R.A. has “great power over you people, they have less power over me.”

But on Monday, it was Trump who knuckled under, yet again dramatizing the sway that the N.R.A. still maintains in Republican circles. And showing how quickly Trump regularly goes back on his word.