Trump double-downs on lies about FBI infiltrating campaign as 2 prominent Republicans say it’s just not true

And this was on Fox News too…

Two top Republican allies of Trump have disputed his claims that the Obama administration used a spy to infiltrate his 2016 presidential campaign, an unsubstantiated theory he and far-right conspiracy theorists have dubbed “Spygate.”

In an appearance on Fox News Tuesday evening, Rep. Trey Gowdy, who attended a classified briefing last week on Capitol Hill with top members of the Department of Justice and the FBI, said that Trump should rest assured that the FBI was not “spying” on members of his campaign.

“I am even more convinced that the FBI did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information they got,” Gowdy said.

Another staunch advocate of Trump on cable TV, Judge Andrew Napolitano, also appeared on Fox and expressed agreement with Gowdy’s assessment that the president and Rudy are lying by saying that a spy infiltrated the Trump campaign.

“The allegations by Mayor Giuliani over the weekend, which would lead to us believe that the Trump people think that the FBI had an undercover agent who inveigled his way into the campaign and was there as a spy on the campaign seem to be baseless,” Napolitano said. “There is no evidence for that whatsoever.”

But Trump as recently as Tuesday evening doubled down on the lie that a spy found its way in the ranks of his campaign.

“How do you like the fact they had people infiltrating our campaign?” Trump asked a crowd at a campaign rally in Tennessee. “Can you imagine?”

While Trump is going all crazy over Jeff Sessions over the last 24 hours, saying he regretted appointing him as Attorney General, Trump has not, however, responded to Gowdy’s comments in the interview disputing his claims regarding ‘Spygate.’

Trump Lies and Says NY Times Made Up Source about Korea Summit Meeting

Trump lied and accused The New York Times of making up a source in an article about North Korea, even though the source was  actually a senior White House official speaking to a large group of reporters in the White House briefing room who asked not to be named.

The briefing on Thursday afternoon in the White House briefing room was attended by about 50 reporters, with about 200 or so more on a conference call, so there were over 200 witnesses to Trump’s out-and-out lying.