About United News Reports

With the 2020 Election season upon us, this site has become even more important.

Previously “Trump Fact Book” this site was just about documenting Trump’s endless lies. That story has been told over and over again.

Now there is real movement away from Trump in key midwest battleground states which he barely won last time, such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Those midwestern states had gone Democratic the previous 30 years, and could easily swing back again. Trump is losing among his previous supporters in those states. If even just those three states swing back, Trump will surely lose in 2020.

Thus United News Reports… We have to stick together. We have to be united. We have to end divisions and get people working together for a common cause. And we need to keep those vital midwest states in mind as we move forward and try to return decency and sanity to American politics. For everybody’s sake.

The Democratic candidate has not yet been chosen. There are some great contenders. We must unite behind the future nominee. This site will continue to shed light on the dangerous, ignorant, deranged, immature, and immoral nature of Trump as we go forward.

But more importantly, we will help unite people to defeat Trump in 2020.

And we’ll use truth, facts, and common humanity to do it!

Feel free to forward this on so we can get more subscribers. We’re just a small part of the upcoming campaign – but maybe we can make some difference. Thanks!

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