Democrats and the progressive path that beats Trump

It’s been pointed out, over and over again, that three traditionally Democratic midwest states (Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin), which Trump narrowly won, need to be turned back in 2020 in order to defeat Trump.

Democrats should choose policies that a majority of progressive and moderate voters support, all across the country, and not fall into the trap of supporting just the most left-wing proposals out there.

Here is an interesting graph showing recent NPR/PBS poll results of what most registered voters agree with, and don’t agree with.

Most people don’t want to get into slavery reparations. Or decriminalize border crossings.

And most people don’t want to repeal Obamacare. They want to improve it with a public option – the ability to buy into Medicare. The feeling is if there is a viable, affordable public option that people will drift towards that and we will eventually get “Medicare for All” as a result. But people don’t want their current health insurance taken away in the meanwhile. They want choice.

Most people want gun background checks. And taxing millionaires more, and the “Green New Deal” and environmental protections. And an increase in the minimum wage. And regulation of drug prices. And a pathway to citizenship.

These are progressive, great ideas. And Trump loses on all of them. These are the ideas Democrats should concentrate on to win in 2020.

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