Will it be Uncle Joe and Mayor Pete?

Strange premonition today: It could be Biden / Buttigieg. Think about it:

  • Buttigieg come out with his “Medicare for all who want it” plan which is almost verbatim the same as Biden’s public option plan.
  • Buttigieg at the same time attacks Warren for being evasive on how she is paying for her plan.
  • Biden thrills the left wing of the Democrats with his daring choice of Buttigieg. And injects youth into his campaign. Californians go wild.
  • Buttigieg faces off against Pence! Both from Indiana, both with a history.
  • All the strong blue states are ok anyway. All the strong red states are probably lost anyway. But this could play well in those key midwestern states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin because Buttigieg is not far left, has a good military record, and is smart and intellectual and a good debater.
  • And, finally, get this: somebody has bought up all the JoeAndPete domains.

Remember – you heard it hear first!

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