Donald Trump and his non-stop, pathological, serial lying is destroying U.S. credibility

It’s honestly getting difficult to keep track of all of Donald Trump’s lies. To paraphrase Dorothy Parker, every word out of his mouth is a lie, including “a” and “the.”

So let’s sum up.

For the record, here are a few standouts. This man is president of the United States, but gets his security briefings from Fox News and has the thin skin of a junior high school playground bully. And he apparently doesn’t read either.

Trump felt he had to lie about the size of his inaugural crowd.

Trump lied about getting a “standing ovation” he received at CIA headquarters.

Trump lies about “millions” of “illegal” votes cast in the November election. Nobody – even his former campaign manager – agrees with him. The only reason he made it up is because he can’t stand the thought that he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton – bigly.

More recently, Trump has focused on New Hampshire, claiming that busloads of Massachusetts residents were taken to the state to vote for Clinton. There is no evidence that any of this occurred. Trump has not offered any, and even New Hampshire Republicans have ridiculed the idea of widespread voter fraud in their state.

Trump lies about the murder rate. This is a fascist warning signal – make things look really bad so he can step in with extra powers to fix it.

Trump lies about the news coverage given to terror attacks. A lie so blatantly ridiculous that all the media pounced on him showing incident for incident how he’s just making things up.

Trump even antagonized Sweden, of all places, to lie in about non-existent terror attacks there to make the point that accepting refugees is somehow bad. He got his information from a Fox News report he watched while tweeting. The Swedish government is noticeably upset. Who would imagine we would have a president of the United States who would antagonize Sweden?

Remember, Donald Trump is the one who, during the campaign suggested Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s father had been involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy ― and cited a National Enquirer story as his proof.

And, of course, for years Trump promoted the conspiracy theory that former President Barack Obama had not been born in the United States, despite clear evidence that he had.

It’s endless. Donald Trump is a serial liar. That’s not in dispute. How long will it go on is the question.

Trump lies again about voter fraud and claims that is why he lost New Hampshire

Donald Trump falsely insisted again Thursday that widespread voter fraud in New Hampshire cost him and former Sen. Kelly Ayotte the state in the November election.

Trump made the comments in a private meeting with Ayotte and a group of senators that was meant to be a bipartisan discussion to build support for Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court.

Trump told Ayotte that she would have won re-election had she not been critical of him during the course of the campaign. He then alluded to thousands of people who supposedly went into New Hampshire illegally to vote against both him and Ayotte, saying they both would have won “if there hadn’t been voter fraud” in the state. The source called the exchange “uncomfortable.”

There is no evidence at all to support the claim, as confirmed by state authorities across the nation.

Brian Buonamano, an assistant attorney general in New Hampshire, said in an email, “We have no evidence or indication that there existed a scheme to bus in thousands of people to illegally vote in NH.”

Though they lack validity, Trump’s claims are still harmful. They stoke distrust in the nation’s political system and provide lawmakers with a basis ― however specious ― for taking steps to make it harder for people to vote.