Vote by mail = absentee ballots

For all those “vote by mail” haters – but who say absentee ballots are ok – there is no difference!

Trump and all his cronies have voted by mail.

Attorney General Barr (who has voted by mail) testified before Congress that there is no evidence of widespread fraud in absentee balloting, which is a process that has taken place for years.

I vote by absentee ballot – mailing it in from Japan.

The ONLY reason Trump is against vote by mail is because it means more people will vote. The more people who vote, the less chance Republicans have of winning an election. Trump even admitted that.

That’s why Republicans promote voter suppression in general (less polling places, shorter polling hours, less early voting…). They want less voters.

Perhaps all the Trump supporters who agree with him should not vote by mail. That would work out just fine.

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